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Ensight Energy Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in providing technical, environmental, commercial, and financial advisory services and solutions to the energy industry. Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services support our clients at every stage of their energy project— including inception to commercial operations.  Our clients include investors, government agencies, utilities, developers, owners, lenders and financing entities who rely on our comprehensive engineering and consulting services to make sound technical and financial decisions.

Our vision at Ensight Energy is to be the world’s leading energy consultancy and technical advisory firm, and to ensure that the advisory solutions provided by our team allows our clients to achieve successful project development, construction and operation of their projects.

Our mission is to support our Clients in managing their project risk by providing them with the “ensight” and solutions required to achieve success throughout the lifecycle of their energy project.

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Energy policy predictions

There are no accurate crystal balls when it comes to predicting the future of energy policy under the administration of the new president. But given the cabinet appointees to key positions dealing with energy regulation, some prognosticators think they have an idea of...

Midstream O&G growing despite challenges

There are no simple systems when it comes to producing energy. One of the most complex parts of the oil and gas industry is the midstream, that multi-faceted infrastructure that gets liquid and gas petroleum from the time it is gathered from the ground to its final...

National Western Center receives DOE, Xcel support

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's Office of the National Western Center has been accepted into two energy programs designed to help with the visionary transformation of the landmark National Western Complex and Denver Coliseum into a world-class hub for agriculture and...

Coal still keeps the lights on

With cheaper natural gas, wind, solar and other technologies, many people don’t think about coal as much as they once did. But coal is still very much a part of the nation’s energy mix every time a light switch is flipped or a manufacturer fires up the production...

U.S. invests more in global clean-energy efforts

From 2010-15, the United States has underscored its commitment to a worldwide transition to a clean-energy economy with more than $11 billion in investments -- including grants, project-development financing and export credit -- aimed at...