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Ensight Energy Consulting is a management consulting firm offering an array of technical expertise and providing project management, engineering services and technical advisory services, including independent engineering and owner’s engineering services, to the power, energy and renewable energy industries.  Our comprehensive consulting and engineering services support our clients at every stage of their energy project— including inception to commercial operations.  Our clients include investors, government agencies, utilities, developers, owners, lenders and financing entities who rely on our comprehensive engineering and consulting services to make sound technical and financial decisions.

Our vision at Ensight Energy is to be the world’s leading energy consultancy and technical advisory firm, and to ensure that the advisory solutions provided by our team allows our clients to achieve successful project development, construction and operation of their projects.

Our mission is to support our Clients in managing their project risk by providing them with the “ensight” and solutions required to achieve success throughout the lifecycle of their energy project.

Our team has extensive technical due diligence experience and have supported various energy technologies including renewables, electric transmission and power.

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For Renewable Projects, End-of-Life and a Decommissioning Plan is Key

Solar, wind, and battery storage systems (among other technologies) provide opportunities to generate energy from renewable resources, reducing GHG emissions. Even as headlines trumpet a decreasing “levelized cost of energy” for renewable power sources, such estimates...

Join us at the 2019 Green Expo, Mexico City

Join us at this year’s Green Expo in Mexico City, Sept 3rd through Sept 5th. Ensight Energy Consulting is proud to be one of Colorado’s energy companies selected to attend this year’s Green Expo, in partnership with Colorado Office of Economic Development and...

Weighing Coal Power Plant Assets is No Simple Task

Coal consumption in the United States is on a steep decline, with significant changes unlikely to be reversed. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), consumption by residential, industrial, and commercial sectors declined from more than 1 billion...

Amidst Cyber Vulnerabilities, the Energy Sector Must Be Proactive

When it comes to security vulnerabilities, it’s all-too-easy to double-down on alarmism and preach impending disaster. But when multiple sources regularly point out large lapses in security, its important to acknowledge their concerns and act to shore up protections....

Tariffs, “Buy American” Policies Add Level of Uncertainty for Energy Sector

In Texas’s Permian Basin, there’s no shortage of oil resources. In fact, the proliferation of proven reserves in Texas will likely make the state the third largest producer of oil in the world by next year, even in front of Middle Eastern nations such as Iraq and...